Ruben Cereijo is a post-doctoral researcher, assistant professor at UB, member of our research team. The “Societat Catalana de Biologia” Young Researcher Award is for his doctoral thesis “Nous actors moleculars en la fisiologia del teixit adipós i pathologies associades”, read in the University of Barcelona in 2015, and the award to the best article is for the paper “CXCL14, a brown adipokine that mediates brown-fat-to-macrophage communication in thermogenic adaptation”, published in the prestigious scientific journal Cell Metabolism in 2018  ( According to this study, the CXCL14 protein –formerly related to tumor progression and organogenesis- is synthetized by the brown adipose tissue and can activate cells with anti-inflammatory activity –M2 macrophages-, which have beneficial effects on metabolism and protect against type II diabetes and obesity. The prizes were given to the winners in the ceremony of the 4th Night of Biology, held in the Ramon Margalef Auditorium of CosmoCaixa Barcelona on July 10. Further information can be found at: