Our research group is focused on the study of the molecular and physiological basis of control of energy metabolism, and how it relates to human pathologies. We study the molecular mechanisms of brown, beige and white adipocyte plasticity, as well as muscle and hepatic metabolism.

Molecular actors conveying new metabolic and endocrine functions of cells, tissues and organs are identified and characterized. Identification of the signaling molecules determining cellular and organ cross-talk is a main research subject.

All this research involves the development of models at the sub-cellular, cellular and animal levels. Moreover, basic research is complemented with translational investigation directly related to metabolic diseases, mainly diabetes, obesity and lipodystrophies, and the study of biological material from patients is performed for this purpose. Translational research applying basic knowledge on molecular and cellular metabolic control is also developed in relation to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and regenerative medicine. Our research is supported by Generalitat de Catalunya and other national and international based agencies (MINECO, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, European Union, European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes), charities (Fundació Marató TV3, Fundació BBVA, Instituto Danone) and is collaboration with private companies (Lucta, Minoryx). Our research groups is a member of CIBERobn and
Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu. We are the coordinating team of the Spanish Excellence Research Network “Adipoplast”, and we develop a stable collaborative research program with Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau.